The team:

Few month ago, a team of pilot from multiple horizon sharing the same interrest for XC Flights have formed a workgroup. One of the goal of the group is to share their knowledge of XC flight preparation and maybe create tools helping with this task. The XC Toolbox website has been created with this goal in mind.   

System architecture:

XCtoolbox is running on dedicated Linux server. The web frontend is powered by a light CMS extended by a set of tools developed in Python. The backend database has been extended to offer geospatial capabilities.

The CMS will allow our editor community to publish some general information content and stories, while other specific applications will be developped to address the need of the XC pilot community and help us to exchange information in a structured way. For example the GIS database is used to store the result of the OpenAir files transformation into polygon data (special  thanks to oaconvert). This enable query like "What are the Airspace zone relevant to my GPS flight log". This for example can help us define if all our recorded XC flight track points were well under all TMA floor. 

Quick start guide:

A short introduction to XC Toolbox can be found here


Airspace information, GPS map and Notam information

This is the inital focus of the site. The goal is to provide information on airspace and notam with an emphazis on the information relevant for XC flight. Maintaining historical information on NOTAM will also allow us to validate a flight against the specific airspace condition of the day it was performed. The tools could also be used to quickly publish geographical information about new specific airspace zone activated by notam. Finally, it should be possible to download the relevant and uptodate airspace information into well know format suitable to be loaded in GPS devices. Another feature could be to allow user to create is own custom map on the site and download the result in his prefered format. 

The precise roadmap will be provided later. It will be driven by the feedback we receive form the pilot community and will be established by the workgroup. 

Additional area of interrest

We are also willing to work on other tools like :

- personnal pilot log book with the capability to keep the flight private or to publish it.
- structured meteorological information (emagram analisys, meteo alert)
Hike & Flight course descriptions
- Belgian Paragliding Site DB

We don't want to create a new forum. We prefer that discussions to happen in the exisiting community forum.

Reference used in the project

Few URLs to usefulldocumentation

Analysis data to explain how things are working behind the scene more precisely.